Swimming Classes

Swimming Class

Be Change is proud to announce our Special Abilities swim program specifically designed for children with special needs. The developmental swim program provides a positive outlook and emphasis on the strengths and unique attributes of each swimmer. Our program focuses on water education, developing water safety and swimming skills. The program is customized for each child’s emotional and developmental abilities, with the goal to help each child become physically active, build self-confidence and self esteem, learn the life-saving skill of swimming and eventually to offer them another avenue for integration into a small group for high functioning special abilities children. The program is being offered at an indoor swimming pool near Marathahalli, Bangalore. Each class duration is of 30 minutes and is conducted twice a week. We are dedicated to working with special needs children to help them learn the skills they’ll need throughout life to stay safe near water and embrace the wonders swimming has to offer.

Every child with Autism Spectrum Disorder is different and our swim school instructors understand that. In addition, they are clued into how to use child-centered teaching tactics in instruction and to be flexible during the lesson in order to meet the needs of the child.

As lessons are semi-private we do not have “levels” but instead a skill progression chart that allows children to develop swim and water safety skills at their own pace and in a progressive manner.

Our #1 Priority: Water Safety for Your Child

In our program, children learn to swim in a safe and positive environment. Making safety a priority, our instructors teach young swimmers how to swim back to the wall after an accidental fall into water, how to pull themselves out of the water and how to master breathing, paddling and kicking in order
to swim to safety.

A Gentle and Step-by-Step Method

Our progressive step-by-step method makes learning easy and fun, and fear tactics or forces are never a part of our curriculum. Private lessons ensure that children progress at their own pace and move on only after they are ready for a bigger challenge. The ability to personalize lessons gives our instructors the chance to help your child develop skills, as well as conquer fear or self-doubt.

Experienced Instructors

Our swimming instructors are behavior therapists, who can understand your kid and have a passion for working with special children. Our instructors have been giving swimming lessons for the last 1.5 years. With Be Change, you know your child is in the hands of a dedicated teacher and instructor.


Email: info@bechange.in
Phone : 9036457096, 8147946115
Address:#11, Samruddi, Gururaja Layout
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