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How can I find out what caused my child’s autism?

A question that confuses all the parents is the cause of autism for their child. Even though proper care is given during the pregnancy, many kids are under the spectrum. A recent survey of parents suggests that 1 in 45 children, ages 3 through 17, have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This is notably higher than the official government estimate of 1 in 68 American children with autism, by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Causes of…

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Autism and ABA therapy

What is Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) ?

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is the only research-based treatment plan for Autism Spectrum Disorder which has proven success in mainstreaming many autistic children into the public school system with minimal assistance. ABA is considered an evidence-based “best” practice treatment. “Evidence-based” means that ABA has passed scientific tests of its usefulness, quality, and effectiveness. To know about why you should use ABA read “Why ABA” Applied Behavioral Analysis training uses positive reinforcement to teach children desired behaviors. When a child demonstrates the…

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The difference between Autism and Asperger’s ?

Its quite common that you may have many questions once your child is diagnosed. One common question is about the differences between High functioning autism and Aspergers. Although Autism and Aspergers are both on the autism spectrum, there are differences that distinguish high level autism from aspergers. It is seen that high functioning Autism and Aspergers tend to be misunderstood as they have many similarities. Both People with Autism and Aspergers are identified to have difficulties in behavioural settings. Asperger…

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Why ABA ?

Children with autism deserve ABA because there is more scientific evidence demonstrating ABA “works” than there is for any other intervention or treatment. This reason is often the most important reason for behavior analysts, but not always so for parents of children with autism. Parents rarely cite the many hundreds, perhaps thousands, of studies in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis and other journals when asked why they chose ABA to help their children with autism. Instead, many parents point…

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DEEPTHI RAM Visit this organization if your child needs improvement in areas such as imitation, group interventions, behavior modification, yoga , swimming skills and so on and on top of all immense care and affectionate staff towards special children …my child enjoyed and learned a lot ..good luck Robin Thomas and your team   SUNIL I found all the staffs are well trained and very professional. And most importantly ABA therapy we received was effective and visible. Swapna Really a…

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